Turning Movement Counts

Conducting an on site Turning Movement Count.

TC<sup>2</sup>inc DCU video recording unit

Our DCU's
(Data Collection Units)


Setting a road tube

Setting a pneumatic tube


A radar study


Turning Movement or Intersection Counts

Talented technicians live in strategic locations around the State to be deployed to conduct your TMs on site, often with local travel rates.

For large quantity projects, or locations where personnel would be in jeopardy, we are able to collect your data on our DCUs, then have our technicians conduct your study from DVDs. We give you a real study of traffic dynamics, not just the numbers.

With our proprietary video Data Collection Units (DCU's) TC2inc provides accurate, energy efficient, and economical manual counts in the most difficult of situations.
Take a look at our DCU's.

Intervals are conducted in 15 minutes, (or 5 minutes by request). We include HV - Heavy Vehicles, standard vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. Also provided; peak hour summary, HV% per approach, and PHF (peak hour factor) per approach and per entire peak hour.

Average Daily Traffic Counts

TC2inc machine and tube setting methods output the most accurate volume data possible.

Speed, Classification, and/or Gap Data

Nicknamed Smart Studies, we can provide Speed, Class, and Gap data with our raw data road machine studies, as well as volume.
See how we do it: Pneumatic Tube Studies.

Radar Speed Studies

View an example of a TC2inc Radar Speed Survey.

Gap Studies

Vehicle Spacing is a standard product all data collection companies provide. TC2inc also has the expertise to provide: Right Turn & Left Turn Gap Studies.

Pedestrian Gap

Were you aware that you can detect the availability of pedestrian gaps between the traffic movements for every hour of the day? Around proposed schools, shopping and tourist sites, know in advance the availability or imposition that anticipated pedestrian traffic will have on your vehicle traffic.

Pedestrian Studies

TC2inc provides pedestrian/bicycle studies in all our TM's. We also conduct Pedestrian-only studies; and its important reciprocal Pedestrian Gap.

Travel Time Delay

Roundabout Studies

See an example of a TC2inc Roundabout Study.

Parking Lot Studies

TC2inc does both Capacity and Occupancy studies.


Data Reports

TC2inc provides your report(s) in digital format via pdf or Excel, or hard-copy by request.


Historical Data by Location or GPS

We are happy to provide historical (over one year old) data by description or GPS coordinates by request.


TC2inc is a DBE & WBE certified business.

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